General Guidelines - Teeneagle Online English Competition

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– By entering Teeneagle Online, all participants agree to abide by the rules and procedures and the decisions of the Teeneagle Online Competition, without appeal.

– If you have not been informed otherwise, the next Teeneagle Online starts on Saturday, 12 Feb 2022  at 10:00am UK time. Please take your local time into consideration to be ready on time. 



– You may take Teeneagle Online using a smartphone, tablet, laptop or a computer which is connected to the internet. 

– Make sure that your device is fully charged and you have a stable internet connection at least 30 minutes before Teeneagle Online starts. 

– The participants are responsible for all infrastructure requirements, power supply and the Internet connection. 

– It is recommended that you have a spare device just in case the device you would like to use doesn’t work or stops working.

– Make sure that you have a stable internet connection. You are also recommended to have a 3G/4G connection on your devices, just in case.

Supervisors may receive the exam access links if they request them from Teeneagle Team.

– The participant’s access link will be sent to the email submitted when registering for the competition. 

– In the event that a participant does not receive the access link, they should contact their supervisor first. If not reolved, please contact Teeneagle Team via email or WhatsApp.

– Make sure you have got the right exam link because all students in the same country take the same examination regardless of their background. For instance, British students in Vietnam still enters the competition in ESOL category, unless agreed otherwise with the organisation committee. 


– You must answer all 50 questions in 60 minutes.

– All questions are in multiple choice format.

– Once started, you will have 60 minutes to complete the exam.

– The questions are asked from the resources selected for your category which can be found on our website.

– You cannot skip any question.

– Once you have submitted your answer, you will not be able to return to previous questions. 

– The order of the questions and answers in the exam are randomised.

– Each question may have a different number of points.

Do not click the “Back” button. 

– Click the Next Question button to submit your answer and go to the next question.

– You will not be penalised for incorrect answers.

– On the upper-right corner of the screen, you may see the remaining time. 

– All participants should answer all the questions to the best of their ability without getting any external help.

–  Getting external help from the internet, books, other resources, parents…etc. is strongly forbidden.

– The participants must close all programs and/or applications except Teeneagle Online browser window. Opening any other browser or window before the end of the test is not allowed.

– Participants cannot use electronic or printed dictionaries to look up the meaning of any words or phrases.

– If a participant is unable to complete the exam within the time allotted, only questions completed will be taken into account for evaluation.

In case of any internet connection problems, you may refresh your page and go on from where you have left.

– In case of a tie, the faster student wins.



– Each student is ranked within their country. For instance, the students from London, Manchester, Liverpool, Brighton…etc. are ranked and awarded based on the results of students in England only; the results of students from Kenya, Cambodia or Brazil does not affect their ranking or awards.

– In case of a draw in points, the faster student wins.

– The top 3 students in each category in each country get 100%, 75% and 50% discounts if there are a minimum of 300 students in your country. 

– If there are less than 300 participants in a country, the top achievers in each category receive discounts for the finals in the UK as follows:

All platinum medalists get a 20% discount and all gold medalists get a 10% discount for the Global Finals​​.

– Results are announced on our social media platforms and via emails.

– Follow us on Telegram, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube…etc. if you haven’t already 🙂 

– The prizes must be claimed in 60 days upon the announcement of results; otherwise, the prizes cannot be used, unless an agreement has been made between the participant and the Teeneagle Organisation Committee.

– The prizes cannot be transferred to another person or substituted for another prize.

– All digital certificates will be sent to the students’ and supervisors’ email addresses as soon as possible; usually in two-three weeks.

– If the institutions would like to present printed certificates and physical medals to the students after the Teeneagle Online, they must receive the approval of the Teeneagle Organisation Committee.


GLOBAL FINALS-UK (31 July-7August 2022, London, UK)

– The Global Finals take place in London for 8 days and 7 nights. All students and supervisors stay at the Brunel University campus in London.

– All students that receive an Honourable Mention Certificate or medal award certificate can apply to go to the Global Finals.

– Each country may send up to two students with 100% discount, two students with a 75% discount and two students with 50% discount if there are more than 300 students. 

– All platinum and gold medalists have a 10% discount regardless of the number of participants from their country. If there are less than 200 students, platinum certificate winners get a 20% discount for the Global Finals.

– The prizes and discounts must be claimed in 60 days upon the announcement of results to be used for the Global Finals-UK.

– Global Finals categories differ from the Online and National Rounds Please visit our website to find out more.

– All Global Finals participants receive a 10% discount from selected universities and a 25% discount from Brooke House College, to be deducted from the cost of their first year of education.

– Supervisors and parents must also register to accompany the students.

– Parents are categorised as guests if they would like to join the competitions and ceremonies.

– For our refund policy and to find out what the registration fee covers, please see our FAQ page on


Should you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact us at or on our WhatsApp line at +44 7768 394680.