Global Finals - Teeneagle Online English Competition

Creating a Universal Network


Why Global

The Teeneagle Global Finals are for students who have qualified for the competition through a Teeneagle Online Round. It is a prestigious international English-language competition for grades 5 to 12, divided accordingly into four competitive categories. This year’s event venue is Brunel University in London, the United Kingdom. 

The week-long competition is packed full with competitive events, trips to important and engaging attractions, and evening parties for all participants to mingle and network. Students can look forward to three hours of language learning classes per day, three meals a day, planned indoor and outdoor activities, and set exploring/shopping times. Whether participants are testing their language skills to the utmost, taking a ride on the London Eye, or chilling out with films and popcorn, we guarantee that our Teeneagle Global Finals are packed with incredible activities that are sure to make for incredible memories.

How Global

The Global Rounds are held over 8 days and consist of four main competitions. Just like in the Teeneagle Online Round, our Knowledge Quiz consists of 50 multiple-choice questions based on the given resources. However, we also have a Writing Challenge, Spelling Bee, and Persuasive Speaking events. 

In the Writing Challenge, participants are randomly chosen to compete in groups of three. Each group will be given a list of three available topics, and each participant within their group must choose a different topic from that list. Groups will be allowed to work together to discuss and outline the topics, but will write their own essay or story. Participants are also free to use any materials available to them. In the end, each participant should submit a one-page short story or short essay on their given topic. 

Our Spelling Bee is done in two stages: a written and an oral showcase. In the written form, students will be given a sheet of paper. A judge will say a word and or definition, and the participants will write it down. The best participants within the written round will compete in the Spelling Bee Oral Showcase, where each participant will have a turn to publicly spell their given word. The final round of the showcase will be done between the top two participants, and will continue until we can crown our winner.

Persuasive Speaking is also organised with randomised groups of three participants. Each participant will be given their own unique topic, taken from the resources of their competitive category. The group will have one minute to brainstorm and assist each other, before taking to the stage individually. Each participant will give a two-minute speech on their chosen topic. We are looking for originality, a wide range of language, and a use of space and body movement. Props and costumes are not permitted, although brief notes are allowed. 

The Teeneagle Global Finals has two optional categories: our Short Film and Talent Show. 

Within the Short Film section, participants are given two topics related to the resources provided. Participants choose the topic they wish to focus on and create a two-to-three-minute video incorporating those elements, with up to three official creators. We are looking for well-organised and rounded content, using a wide range of language. When submitting a short film, students are agreeing to allow Teeneagle to use certain clips of these short films as potential commercial material. 

The second optional category we have is our Talent Show, where participants are asked to demonstrate any talent they wish—drawing, dancing, playing music, singing and anything else they can think of. The purpose of the Talent Show is not competitive. It exists to promote participation, honesty, and presentation. While all participants are encouraged to demonstrate any entertaining or engaging skills they have, no participant should feel as if their participation and the talent show is required. 

For the details of each category, please visit the page here.


All participants will receive a certificate of participation, as well as a certificate of achievement based on their performance. In addition, all participants will receive a 10% discount for online English courses from Teeneagle and will be eligible to study at an international tertiary university overseas. Every Global Finals participant will get a 10% discount on their first year from selected universities, the full list of which can be found here. 

Participants will also receive a 25% special discount for their first year of education at Brooke House College, from grades 7 to 13. Brooke House College is an international residential college in the heart of England, focusing on giving students the best path possible towards university preparation while ensuring each student has the necessary soft skills to be successful in life. It has a history of many students achieving places in “Top 25” institutions, and is perfect for students who are willing to work hard in order to achieve their goals.

*The program is subject to change without prior notice.