Sample Questions - Teeneagle Online English Competition

Creating a Universal Network

Native Eagles


1. Which one cannot be used to complete the sentence?
An outlier is a ________ that is very different from others, so that it cannot be used to draw general conclusion.
a) group
b) person
c) thing
d) fact

2. What do you call an interactive communication between two or more characters in a script?
a) Dialogue
b) Conversation
c) Rhyme
d) Monologue

3. According to the book, in order to master your subject, you need to train for__________ on average.
a) 10000 hours
b) 1000 hours
c) 2000 hours
d) 5000 hours

4. What did Malcolm Gladwell mean by the following statement: “No one who can rise before dawn three hundred sixty days a year fails to make his family rich”?
a) If you are willing to work hard and persevere, you will be successful
b) You will beat your competition if you are willing to sacrifice the weekends
c) The person who wakes up first succeeds
d) Winners never quit, and quitters never win

5. According to Gladwell, success arises out of the steady accumulation of advantages. Which one isn’t one of them?
a) How high your IQ is
b) When and where you are born
c) What your parents did for a living
d) The circumstances of your upbringing were


1. What is the strength that Atom possessed that no other bot had?
a) Shadow mode
b) Muscles
c) Height
d) External remote

2. What was Charlie’s hobby growing up?
a) Boxing
b) Karate
c) Running
d) Kung fu

3. What was Atom’s weakness?
a) He had an artificial arm
b) He had an artificial leg
c) He had a lack of fitness
d) He did not have sufficient training

4. How many fights had Zeus lost before losing to Atom?
a) None
b) All of them
c) 1 match
d) 2 matches

5. According to Bailey’s father, who trained Charlie: “Fight’s not over ‘til someone is on the ____.”
a) mat
b) floor
c) sofa
d) way out

Native Eaglets


1. In what kind of home does Danny live with his father?
a) A gypsy caravan
b) A dirty caravan
c) A modern caravan
d) A smelly caravan

2. How did Danny and his Dad get home with all the pheasants?
a) They took a taxi
b) They dragged the sacks of pheasants all way home
c) The put the pheasants in a wagon
d) They used a wheelbarrow

3. What were Danny and his father allowed in the workshop, but not in the caravan?
a) Electric lights
b) Solar panels
c) Candles
d) Torches

4. Why is Danny called the champion of the world?
a) He discovered a new effective poaching method
b) For being a good fighter
c) For being a great sportsman
d) For always helping his dad poach the pheasants

5. What did Danny’s father break when he fell into the pit?
a) His ankle
b) A twig
c) His arm
d) A toy car


1. What mental condition does Dory suffer from?
a) Short Term Memory Loss
b) Insomnia
c) Negligence
d) Hypertension

2. What’s the common thing about animals in these novel?
a) They all work for a common goal by being united
b) They hate each other
c) They unite against Humans
d) They are in harmony

3. When did Nemo disobey his father ?
a) When he touched the boat
b) When he went to school
c) When he jumped out of the sea
d) When he touched the stingray

4. How did Nemo react to the information that his father was also looking for him?
a) He couldn’t believe it
b) He disliked it
c) He never entertained it
d) He embraced them

5. What are the names of Nemo’s three school friends?
a) Pearl, Tad and Sheldon
b) Octo, Seahorse and Fish
c) Flounder, Inky and Stripe
d) Greg, Elliot and Susan

ESOL Eagles


1. How did the dream interpreter’s prayer sound like to the boy?
a) Like a Gypsy’s prayer
b) Like a witch’s prayer
c) Like a warrior’s prayer
d) Like a priest’s prayer

2. What’s a person’s only real obligation?
a) To realize one’s personal legend
b) To get education
c) To raise new generations
d) To discover new species

3. Which Islamic law had the Crystal merchant always wanted to fulfil?
a) To visit Mecca
b) To pray every day
c) To fast in Ramadan
d) To help the poor

4. According to the Alchemist, what makes a dream impossible to achieve?
a) The fear of failure
b) Not dreaming big enough
c) Not being able to find the gold
d) Not seeing Fatima again

5. According to the Alchemist, the secret of life is to _________.
a) fall seven times and get up eight times
b) dream bigger and bigger when you get older
c) believe in your family and friends more
d) always stay out of trouble


1. Why did Hiccup want to kill a dragon?
a) To be accepted by his tribe
b) To prove a point
c) To spite his father
d) For the thrill of it

2. Why did Hiccup choose to train the dragon?
a) He saw it as his strength
b) He saw it as a way to betray his father
c) He saw it as a way to prove a point
d) He saw it as a way to keep a pet

3. What is portrayed by the relationship between the dragon and Hiccup?
a) That coexistence is possible, no matter how evil others may think
b) We are all like wildlife animals
c) No one should hurt each other
d) Dragons are lovely animals when you give them enough. food

4. What injury keeps Toothless trapped in the gorge?
a) Missing tail flap
b) Missing foot
c) Broken wing
d) Broken leg

5. The hero of the story’s name is Hiccup. Why was he called that?
a) Vikings believed that a hideous name would frighten off gnomes and trolls.
b) Vikings believe that the name would protect the child from getting hiccups during battle.
c) Hiccup was his grandfather’s name.
d) Hiccup’s mother liked the name.

ESOL Eaglets


1. What career did the pilot abandon?
a) Art
b) Soccer Player
c) Teacher
d) Law

2. What did the Businessman think he owned?
a) All the stars
b) All the cars
c) All the flowers
d) All the businesses

3. The Little Prince can return home, but it requires one thing. What is that one thing?
a) He has to allow the snake to bite him
b) He needs to click his fingers
c) A flock of birds has to carry him
d) He has to drink special water

4. How does the fox define the word “tame”?
a) To establish ties
b) To train
c) To eat
d) To establish loyalty

5. Who is the narrator of The Little Prince?
a) The pilot
b) The snake
c) The Little Prince
d) The sheep


1. Why was Hiro arrested?
a) For betting
b) For being a computer nerd
c) For being a thief
d) For disobeying the rules

2. Why did Hiro need encouragement?
a) He was giving up
b) He was tired
c) He did see the potential
d) He was afraid of challenges

3. What kind of support was given to Hiro?
a) Every aspect of him was supported
b) Mental support
c) Financial support
d) Emotional support

4. What was burning when Tadashi died?
a) The University
b) The Hospital
c) The Store
d) His home

5. Honey Lemon said “In the real world, there are no _________”.
a) super villains
b) superheroes
c) ghosts
d) turtles