Why Compete - Teeneagle Online English Competition

Creating a Universal Network

Why Compete – Students

It’s no secret that school is becoming more competitive. Students are forced to find ways to achieve incredible tasks, and there’s a lot of arguments saying that students tend to graduate without genuine real-world skills. Teeneagle is working on changing that. 

Our competitions provide students with a platform upon which they can expand their skill sets. We don’t just ask you to compete in vocabulary or grammar. We want to see you learn how to cooperate with people from vastly different backgrounds, voice your opinions and ideas in a way that gets people to agree with you, and how to put them down on paper in a way that lasts. 

These are skills that have become a requirement to put down on CVs and resumes, whether you’re applying to top universities or trying to get your dream job. Competing in Teeneagle means that you will have certificates backing these claims up, which already sets you apart from the rest of your competition. 

A lot of our participants choose to compete in our Online Round simply because it’s a great way to start off. Our resources are selective, meaning that no participant has to go overboard. We want as many participants as possible to reach the Global Finals, needing only 40% on the Online Round to qualify. 

With the Global Finals comes eight days of activities. We try to fill these eight days with sightseeing excursions, shopping trips, visits to incredible attractions, mentoring time for your communication skills, and networking events through afterparties. 

The connections you make over these eight days have the potential to last you for a lifetime, and the fact is, our Global Final participants come from all over the world. You have no idea who you might be able to meet, but we can guarantee that you’ll at least have a great time doing so.

No one leaves the Global Finals empty-handed. Everyone will leave with at least a certificate of participation and a report card, while participants that do well can also get certificates of achievements, honourable mentions, or medals. The best participants receive discounts on their first year to selected universities in the UK, a 25% discount on their first year at Brooke House College, or discounts on our certified Teeneagle language courses.

Teeneagle offers a lot of ways to help serious participants achieve their future dreams. We’re invested in creating long-term relationships, not just with the schools that we’re partnering with, but with the students in those schools. Most of all, we’re looking for like-minded individuals who know they want to be successful and are willing to put in the time and efforts to achieve that goal. You will be helping us just as much as we will be helping you.

If any of this sounds like something you agree with, try out one of our Online Rounds. We’d love to see you on our beloved stage, holding a medal that truly shows your hard work and dedication towards becoming a public figure. We will be proud to have been part of your journey.

Why Compete – Teachers

It’s no secret that competition and external motivation are two things every teacher can use in the classroom. These kinds of statements are a dime a dozen—but there’s more to school and education than the learning of information. Likewise, there is more to competition than a report card or a medal. Competition is simply one way to engage students in activities on their own interests and levels.

TeenEagle understands this. We try to involve every aspect of our competition, from our preparation to our resources, in a way that supports this philosophy. Our competitions are made to give students real-world scenarios to practise soft skills. We’re not looking for rote memorization. We’re looking for the ability to find a role in a team of complete strangers, speak eloquently and with passion to a panel of people, and take lessons from within a classroom to a brand-new context.

In terms of educators, the teachers we work with hold the fact that students genuinely like TeenEagle competitions as a massive plus. Our teachers see us as an accessible competition that upholds bonds with our participants and our teachers. However, we also try to directly work with our educators and make TeenEagle an experience for them as well. In our Global Finals, all educators that come as supervisors will also be a part of certified class trainings, too. Our online training also provides ways for educators to engage with their students on an international scope.

All educators are welcome to reach out to TeenEagle and ask questions—not just on how their students can compete, but on how they can progress with their specific educational needs as well. We are always open to comments and suggestions. Most of all, we try to see every educator that joins us as a symbiotic relationship.

Learning is a journey. Education should be a journey as well. Together, we can provide an international platform for all students to learn and succeed.